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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> i have been doing this for 16 years with my daughter. i have it down to a science. >> the thanksgiving holidays not what is on the minds of
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these people today. they just can't wait to shop. good afternoon, i am tori campbell. on this thanksgiving the typical hardy meal with family and friends is being replaced by shopping anxiety for some. lorraine blanco joins is live where some determined souls have been camped out for days and must be waiting for big deals, lorraine. >> reporter: yes, valley write big door buster deals are what they are waiting for, the line has grown send monday and actually the first family in line right here they are guesting ready for a thanksgiving feast right outside the best buy, down the line there are people enjoying a nice poker game, others just hanging out. 12 hours to go before best buy opens, and folks are still in a festive mood. tossing the pigskin, a common pastime before turkey time, but this is a best buy parking lot in pin noll pinole, and they
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are doing that. >> that would have helped and more blankets. >> reporter: all these shoppers earned a pink bracelet which comes with that. >> he wants that, where is it? here it is. >> these are there, they could not wait for black friday. they are thankful for jaw dropping deals like today like a tv for less than 100 dollars and a dvd player for 10 bucks. >> i mean last year was slow and this year i honestly have to say over 300 people waiting. >> what about the people that think this is crazy. >> that is them. this is tradition for us and we enjoy it and we have met so many people here. >> target is also bracing for a lot of early thanksgiving day customers. store employees worked through the night and they have set up barricades in front of the store for a 9:00 p.m. opening tonight. the national retail federation says holiday sales will rise
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this year 4.1%, live in pinole lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you lorraine. on line shopping will see growth this year according to a new report. adobe systems analyzed 150 billion retail website visits and predicts sales will jump 18% this year. adobe says u.s. on line sales start to peak today but really pick up on monday, when people go back to work and shop during their lunch breaks. and december 17th is expected to be especially strong when thousands of merchants offer free shopping on line with a guaranteed delivery by christmas eve. thousands of people flooded bay area grocery stores this morning for last minute thanksgiving food shopping. at a safeway store in san francisco we caught up with procrastinators scrambling around. many said their turkeys were in the oven but needed other items. >> nothing like waiting to the
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last minute. right? >> yeah. >> no, no, no, i have my long list ready so i prepared for this. >> where is your turkey? >> it is right at home, it is ready now. >> okay, so now these are all the trimmings? >> yes, yeah, that is the last minute. >> others said they preordered turkey meals so they would not have to mess up their kitchen too much this holiday. >> did you not feel like cooking? >> well, it is hassle to cook a turkey, yeah so, that is why it is better to order prepared turkey, yeah. >> and everything is in the box, you got your rolls, your pie, the whole works. >> yeah. >> safeway enticed customers with coupons for special prices. thousands of thanksgiving meals are being served up today at glide memorial church in san francisco. as alex savidge tells us volunteers were up early to make sure those in need have a hot meal. >> how you doing brother? >> reporter: as the doors opened at glide this morning
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reverend cecil williams was there to greet people. inside volunteers passed out treys of turkey, stuffing and sweet potatoes and plan to serve 5000 of san francisco's neediest residents today. >> i am grateful for all the people that work here that donate. >> reporter: robert coronado is grateful for a warm thanksgiving meal and a smile. >> the people always smile and greet you nice. >> glide has been giving people a place to come on thanksgiving for 30 years. >> making sure that the homeless, the poor, the people who are destitute get their needs met. at least several days of the year. >> and today's meal would not be possible without the hard work of all these volunteers. roughly 500 people donateed their time today and many of them have been coming back here year after year. >> it has been since 1987, everyone counts. it doesn't matter who you are.
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let's serve. if we can serve someone a plate of food and make them happy, put a smile on their face. >> for those in san francisco who are homeless or on fixed incomes, this thanksgiving meal means more than just a full stomach. >> that is love, everybody need a little love, especially when you are -- when you ain't got nobody, you know by yourself on a day like thanksgiving this is a lonely time for a lot of people. >> on this day glide gives people a place to feel welcome. >> glide is one of many bay area charities busy giving thanksgiving meals to thousand of people in need. we were inside the salvation army kitchen in san francisco this morning. after all the cooking is done volunteers will deliver the meals right to the doorsteps of people who cannot leave their homes because of illness or another reason. one volunteer chef says it is a labor of love. >> what does it take to prepare 5000 meals? >> a lot of love and hard work,
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we have been cooking turkeys around the clock. >> the salvation army expects to feed 5000 people today. meal deliveries started at 8:00 this morning. charities all around the bay area are remembering people who need help on this thanksgiving. here are three more examples. in richmond salutee vida is providing 600 meals, the second seating starting now, the bay area rescue mission will host a dinner there at 1:00. the 30th annual livermore community thanksgiving dinner serving between 1:00 and 5:00 and every 1 is invited. learn more about how to donate to them for the holidays by going to and click on hot topics. they are also remembering members of the military away from their families serving overseas. in seven minutes we will show you how soldiers in afghanistan are spending thanksgiving day. this morning the israeli
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military reported another soldier died from injuries sustained in a palestinian rocket attack that occurred yesterday before a cease-fire with hamas took effect, the second israeli soldier killed in the last eight days of fighting. meanwhile the fragile cease- fire seems to be holding as soldiers pack up and civilians celebrate. israeli soldiers are breaking camp today. while some are feeling optimistic others are skeptical about this new peace. >> today may be they won't fire, tomorrow maybe not, but next week, next year, next month, it will come eventually. >> big celebrations are underway in gaza along with a massive clean up effort. as of yesterday the border between gaza and egypt was also back open and both sides are claiming victory. police are investigating a shootout that forced the shut down of westbound 580 last night. investigators sat passengers in two cars fired shots at each
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other neither the seminary avenue exit around 8:30 in oakland, one car was riddled with bullets people were gone by the time police arrived. traffic was diverted for two hours but traffic was open by 8:30 last night. they say it is probably not connected to a homicide that took place a mile away. a man was shot on hilton street at seminary around 9:30 last night. police were told the victim had been in a car accident at another location, then drove to hilton street and that is where he was shot. we don't know his name yet and there is no word on a motive. it is oakland's 111th homicide, matching the total of last year. >> thousands of people spend time there sweating for a good cause, we will bring you that. >> he is up in eight minutes
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and will tell you if the weather will last. the pressure got so high it popped up through the manhole well and started pouring it. >> we will follow up on that sewage spill we first told you about yesterday at noon.
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as many as 100 vehicles
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slammed together this morning on a foggy heyway in southeast texas. at least one person was killed. the wreckage occurred own interstate 10 in jefferson county near beau monte, at least 80 people were injured, eight create kale, investigators have not rescructed the exact sequence but says fog in the area has been dense at times. a 5 car crash on interstate 80 in pinole is under investigation. our news crew was at the scene near the appian way exit before 4:00, one person was hurt there. it took an hour for them to clear the scene. still no word on what led up to it. a fire damaged a beauty shop there at the hong kong hair and beauty store near the municipal golf course there. firefighters believe it is suspicious after talking to a security guard on duty at the time. >> they did have a fire back there i believe it was right
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around the mid-time of september, not sure on the exact cause of that fire but again a fire in the exact same business. >> there are no reports of injuries in this latest fire. the shop was vacant at the time. u.s. soldiers in afghanistan celebrated the thanksgiving holiday with a traditional turkey meal and a game of rugby. about 66 thousand u.s. troops are currently in afghanistan, spending thanksgiving away from their families. for many troops this will be the last thanksgiving they are deployed in that country. >> it is the first thanksgiving play -- game that we have done, so we are real excited about it and you know we have got a lot of participation from folks that normally don't play, so -- >> almost all international combat troops are scheduled to with draw by the end of 2014 when afghan forces will take over security. people serving overseas are also being remembered by president obama. the white house released a thanksgiving day message from the president. >> today we give thankses for
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blessings that are all too rare in this world. the ability to spend time with the ones we love. to say what we want, to woreship as we please, to know there are brave men and women defending our freedom around the globe and to look our children in the eye and tell them here in america no dream is too big if they are willing to work for it. >> yesterday the president and his family continued their thanksgiving tradition of serving others by volunteering at a washington, d.c. area food bank. a woman from sacramento county is giving back in a big way this holiday season. helping american soldiers overseas. >> a lot of toothbrushes, toothpaste. >> lynn soto has a son serving in afghanistan. he told her the troops need things like baby wipes and sox, so she decided to collect items for christmas care packages and says the response is overwhelming. this saturday she plans to start filling the packages to send to the troops.
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part of san francisco's ocean beach is off limits right now, because of a sewage spill. signs are posted to stay away from that area as crews clean up contaminated water and a soiled promenade and running water quality tests to check on it. crews are blaming it on the rain saying it is 90% rainwater and 10% sewage. >> water kept backing up to this manhole where the pressure got built up so well it popped through and started pour out and this was secured with welds so it was lot of pressure coming through that manhole. >> the water burst through a manhole there balboa street yesterday that flooded that way and spilled into the and and the ocean, the beach will remain closed until crews get clean advertise results. some people in the east bay got exercise and supported a good cause before enjoying their thanksgiving meals today.
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the 11th annual turkey swim took place this morning at the hayward plunge. proceeds go the event go to the karen gordon scholarship fund. she was a life guard at the pool and an intern here at ktvu. she was killed by a drunk driver on her 19th birthday. each year the money raised to provide scholarships to two young people who work as lifeguards. >> it helps you know the good kids that are out there with their education needs by helping them along with the money to put towards their college education. >> the money also helps the hayward plunge offer free swim lessons to low income families. thousands of people filled the streets of downtown san jose this morning as ktvu's janine de la vega reports it was for one of the nation's largest thanksgiving day races. [ siren ] >> a stampede of runners took
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over the santa clara street this morning at the annual turkey trot. nearly 25,000 people participated, making it the second largest race of its kind in the country. >> first it is intimidating but the fact there are so many different people you don't know doing the same thing as you do kind of encouraging you to do the same goal. >> people registered to the last minute while others focused on showing off their costumes. those watching on the sidelines got a kick out of seeing people dressed as indiana jones and honey boo-boo. there were also plenty of people in thanksgiving themed costumes. >> i am a left over, thanksgiving leftovers. see my swan? >> organizes are pleased with the turnout and attribute it to people trying to stay healthy. they say the average american consumes 4000 calorieses double the amount recommended. >> later if i stuff with pumpkin pie i don't feel as guilty if i eat more so it is a good way to start pause the
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rest of the day is eating. >> runners are encouraged to bring canned food and money will go to local charities and organizers hope to reach the 1 million dollar mark. >> people as fortunate as myself always like to help so, every little thing we can do you know it is nice to help. >> a satisfying and rewarding way to start this day of thanks. in san jose, ja men de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> today marks the opening day for another ski resort. sierra at tahoe will open two lifts, 3 surface lifts and 4 runs for skiing and snowboarding this morning. they will also open a small terrain park. sierra says the early snow aloud it to open today. adult tickets are $35. $10 for children, eight lake tahoe resorts are now open for business. >> well, on this thanksgiving clear skies. yesterday was clouds and rain in the morning and then temperatures started to drop last night. we had just a hint of some fog this morning. it will be back tonight, that is that valley fog, not the
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coastal fog. a cold this morning, much, much colder than yesterday. in fact a lot of 30s and more again tonight and tomorrow. the fog down there was coastal fog, the fog closer to us was in the valley so good here but north bay and east bay and the dealt a in line for fog but today is beautiful, sunshine coast, bay and inland, so today looks good and through the weekend, even though sunday and monday cooler. next rain could be this time next week. in fact a couple of forecast models are very bullish for the end of the month and early december for a wet pattern, but until then it is sunny and a little bit warmer. now, this recent rain we have had has cleared out, gone, don't have to worry about that until monday or tuesday. but pause the rain temperature drops at night, dew point and temperature come together, temperature which condensation occurs and that is when you get that fog or that fog and it will be back then. we do have a breeze but our days are so short now and temperatures hard pressed to warm up but they are jet stream north, 50s and 60s, everyone us
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close, close on the lows and current temperatures here at noon so not much of a spread here between anybody here, four or 5 degrees at best except for high clouds, the jet stream up near the oregon border and going farther north than that. so sunny and nice, patchy fog, chilly morning louse with us not only now but saturday and sunday. breezy maybe out to the valley but nothing we can't handle or have not seen in a long time. 60s on the temperatures today. they look really nice. even the coast upper 60s for a few maybe towards santa cruz, but inland temperatures 66, 67, all the way to san jose, there is that one 70 for santa cruz, maybe to watsonville and monterrey and things look the same there from santa cruz up to bodega bay, not much change, cooler, but still dry sunday and monday but i tell you some of the indications are by this time next week it will be rain city but for now we are good, sunny and warm and dry. >> and enjoy it. >> thanks. >> happy thanks giveing. you too. thank you. >> thank you. well tomorrow we begin one
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warm coat, which is our annual coat drive. drop off items at four different lotions. bay street, ferry building, santana row and broadway plaza. ktvu news personalities will be on hand at each site and will kickoff the tamm pain tomorrow right on mornings on 2. learn more by going to and clicking on hot topics on the front page. 49er quarterback colorado in copper inform nick played so well he may have earned himself another start. he did that well. they are reporting he head coach told them and him he will start. the report claims his decision is based on performance and not due to smith's concussion but during yesterday's press conference harbaugh refused to officially announce a starter. just ahead we will show you
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where you can see some of the hottest new cars starting today. also what is new above the streets of manhattan at the annual macy's parade.
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victims of super storm sandy were among those with front row seats at the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. [ music ] >> the event attracted more
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than 3 million people to check out colorful float, giant balloons, marching bands and other performers, some camped out to get a good spot but macy's gave 5000 prime spots to the victims of the storm and after the stormy weather relm it is as you can see sunny, over 50 degrees there in new york city. in addition to people along the parade route 50 million people watched the festivities on tv. a thanksgiving tradition that has nothing to do with turkey begins today. the san francisco auto shop is at mosconi stir that features 800 cars and you will have a chance to drive 40 of those cars, it is the first time that opportunity has been offered. the show runs through monday. we have posted more details about the show on our website. go to and look under hot topics for the web links section. muni riders will soon be able to find out about delays on their route by checking their smart phone. muni says it is testing a smart phone app called muni plus that
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will offer a realtime service map and transit alternatives. muni says bugs with the app are still being worked out and will not be ready until at least february. coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. the mars rover curiosity has made a major discovery on the red planet. ktvu health and science editor john fowler will have details on why the head of nasa is calling the discovery earth shaking. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, we will see you next time news breaks, be sure to join us again at 5:00. we are always here for you at and mobile, have a happy thanks giving. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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